Wellness Innovation: Advanced CPD Programme for Health Professionals

28 Nov to 1 Dec

A 4-day retreat immersive learning at Ardmay House, Arrochar, Scotland
on the shores of Loch Long

£2495.00 per person

Single and double rooms available with shared bathroom facilities.

3-month payment plan available.

Transforming Health Leadership: Welcome to Wellness Innovation – your gateway to advanced CPD designed specifically for health leaders. We bridge the gap between vague wellness advice and actionable, real-life practices. From exercise to mindfulness and breath-work, we contextualise these concepts into simple, effective routines that foster intrinsic motivation and deliver tangible benefits for you and your patients. Elevate your practice, inspire change, and lead the way to a healthier future.

Join us for an immersive 4-day retreat designed exclusively for health professionals and fitness coaches. Our CPD course integrates cutting-edge research with practical applications to enhance your ability to improve your clients’ and patients’ health and well-being. This comprehensive programme includes in-person training, online materials, and ongoing support to ensure your continued growth and success.

Engage in interactive workshops, hands-on activities, and expert-led sessions in a serene, distraction-free environment. Connect with like-minded professionals and build a supportive network.


Embark on a transformative training with a 4-day retreat in the serene landscapes of Argyll, Scotland at the Ardmay Retreat Centre.

A Comprehensive Curriculum


Foundations of Health and Well-being

 Explore holistic health approaches and key health indicators.


Physical Fitness

Design effective functional movement programmes and understand injury prevention.


Breathing Techniques

Master stress reduction and performance-enhancing breathing exercises.


Mental Health and Well-being

Develop strategies for mental resilience and integrate mental health into fitness programmes.


Nature and Well-being

Discover the benefits of nature-based interventions and outdoor health and fitness activities.



Learn simple but effective nutrition strategies.


Client/Patient Engagement

Enhance communication skills and build long-term relationships.


Case Studies and Practical Applications

Apply your knowledge through real-world scenarios and develop actionable plans.

Breathe Light practice
AIM corporate coaching
Gray Caws teaching qigong by the shore of Loch Long

Plus Exclusive bonuses:


Exploring HRV (worth £295)

Unlimited access to a globally-unique module delivered by Master OA Coaches Andrew Ritchie and Gray Caws. Get a practical understanding of Heart Rate Variability. Learn how to monitor and measure HRV and get exercises to help regulate the nervous system.


Run With Ease (worth £295)

The Run With Ease Course offers a foundational framework and skill set to develop good habits that have an effect on mood, motivation, energy levels, and our ability to enjoy running (and walking) no matter what age or fitness level.

Your Investment

£2495.00 per person

Single and double rooms available with shared bathroom facilities.

3-month payment plan available.

You also get:

  • Supporting Online Training Materials: Access a wealth of resources, including articles, videos, and interactive modules, available anytime, anywhere.
  • Bespoke GPT Access: Utilise a customised AI assistant to answer your questions, provide additional resources, and support your learning journey.
  • Ongoing Online Catch-Up Calls: Participate in regular virtual meetings to discuss progress, share experiences, and receive continued guidance from our expert instructors.


Why Choose Our CPD Course?

  • Expert Instructors: Learn from leading experts in health, fitness, and wellness.
  • Holistic Approach: Gain a comprehensive understanding of both physical and mental health.
  • Practical Skills: Develop actionable strategies to enhance your practice.
  • Community Building: Network with peers and build lasting professional relationships.
  • Flexible Learning: Benefit from a blend of in-person and online training to suit your schedule.


Who Should Attend?

  • Health professionals (doctors, nurses, physiotherapists)
  • Fitness coaches and personal trainers
  • Nutritionists and dietitians
  • Wellness coaches


… an enjoyable weekend of education – the small group, personal attention … layering of course content. The whole group interacted and the sessions were on the move.
Paul Collins

Owner, Paul Collins Fitness

[I really liked] combining the practical with the theory. The walk on day 3 was excellent, and then combining that with the indoor walking and the practice was a good finish to the course. I thought Gray was very knowledgeable and welcoming, very relaxed and made everyone feel comfortable. (November 2023).


Company Director, Fiit

Gray is a great and passionate teacher with different fields of expertise. He has a broad vision on breathwork and on its practical uses. [I particularly enjoyed] the group connection and the playfulness.
Sara Bigatti

Movement and Breath Coach

Your Coaches

Gray Caws Founders & Director of Adventures In Movement

Gray Caws

Gray brings a thoughtful approach to breathwork and movement, focusing on the joy and simplicity inherent in these practices. His philosophy is not just about surviving, but thriving as a human being, both physically and mentally.

As a Master Oxygen Advantage Coach and an experienced teacher in qigong and functional movement, Gray emphasises the importance of sustainable, enjoyable habits. He advocates for lasting changes over quick fixes, ensuring that well-being practices are both effective and pleasurable.

In his capacity as a Breath Master at The Breath Source, Gray champions a gentle exploration of breath and movement. This approach is crucial for thriving in our daily lives, blending physical activity with mental well-being in a harmonious manner.

Gray’s role extends to being a key instructor in the ASICS Movement For Mind programme, led by noted mental health researcher Dr. Brendon Stubbs. This programme has shown remarkable results in improving mental well-being and physical activity among its participants.

His influence in the fitness and wellness industry is marked by a quiet dedication to making health and well-being accessible and enjoyable for all. Gray demonstrates that consistent, daily practices can lead to significant improvements in health, underscoring the idea that profound wellness transformations are achievable for everyone.

As a teacher trainer, Gray is committed to passing on his knowledge and approach to others, empowering them to guide their own clients towards better health and well-being. His unique blend of skills and experience makes him an invaluable asset to any training programme, fostering a new generation of instructors who can carry forward his philosophy of mindful, enjoyable, and effective wellness practices.

Andrew Ritchie, Master Oxygen Advantage Coach

Andrew Ritchie

Andrew is a Master Oxygen Advantage instructor, with a specialised interest in Heart Rate Variability. He’s also the founder of Performance Breathworks and an AIM Run With Ease coach.

He has been working in the outdoor health and wellness industry for 20 years and has helped thousands of children and adults become more resilient and achieve their goals through a variety of activities.

Currently Andrew works with corporates, professional and amateur sport, schools and individuals, as well as organising and leading retreats and adventure holidays.

“I’m passionate about breathwork and the great outdoors. You’ll realise why when you see the amazing environment that I have the opportunity to work in.”