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Share your passion, build a business. We offer teacher training programmes in the Oxygen Advantage and Run With Ease.

Train to be an Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor

Are you a fitness instructor, strength & conditioning coach, yoga teacher or physical therapist interested in teaching the Oxygen Advantage Technique to your clients and students?

Would you like to teach a unique proprietary programme to optimise breathing patterns, improve oxygen uptake and delivery, provide an aerobic and anaerobic workout as well as developing mental focus and acuity?

The Oxygen Advantage programme consists of simple breathing exercises taught according to an exact protocol and sequence. Designed by Patrick McKeown, this sequence allows you to teach clients in an efficient manner, maximising the benefits of improved breathing. 

You can certify to become an Oxygen Advantage Instructor and teach the Oxygen Advantage Programme by attending a UK 3-day Instructor Training delivered by Gray Caws. During this course, you will learn the science behind the technique and receive instruction on how to effectively deliver the programme to your clients.

You’ll also get 7 live online group classes given by Patrick McKeown.

Gray also offers 121 training in-person and online.

By attending this Oxygen Advantage Instructor Training you will learn how to:

Communicate the importance of breathing for our health and performance

Confidently teach the Oxygen Advantage technique by learning the exact exercises

Use the breath to experience new levels of health and performance in your own life

Transform clients health and performance under your guidance

Employ the best tools, tactics, and strategies to monitor a clients progress and ensure the best results

Your clients will benefit from:

Addressing breathing pattern disorders in everyday life

Reduced breathlessness during exercise

Improved fitness (aerobic and anaerobic)

Improved sports performance

Reduced injury risk

Quicker recovery after training

Improved posture

Reduced exercise induced asthma

Better sleep

Stronger breathing muscles

Boosted mental performance

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The Oxygen Advantage is one of the best books that I have read this entire year… one of my favorite books in the world actually.”
Ben Greenfield

Author or the New York Times best-seller book, Beyond Training

“Gray did an excellent job of explaining the qualities of bad and good breathing. The activities were explained and demonstrated to ensure proper understanding of the exercises. This was an excellent course and I enjoyed working with Gray.”

William Smith

“Very well informed and explained clearly what we should be doing and the reasons why this would help fitness.”

Flick Ridel

Flicky Ridel