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Join the free webinar and find out more about our Oxygen Advantage Instructor Programme and our retreat in Scotland this coming September (14-17).

Learn more about our transformative Oxygen Advantage Instructor Training Programme.

Join my colleague Andrew Ritchie and I will host a free webinar this coming Thursday, 20th July from 8-9 PM (UK time), providing a comprehensive overview of the benefits and unique experiences tied to our upcoming retreat in Scotland.

This webinar is your chance to explore the enriching content and advanced modules that will be covered during our Oxygen Advantage Instructor Training Retreat scheduled for 14-17 September in the scenic landscapes of Scotland. We’ll walk you through the itinerary, giving a detailed understanding of what you can expect from the retreat and how it will elevate not only your professional career but also your personal life.

Moreover, we will provide an interactive tour of our online training portal, showing the rich resources, support, and networking opportunities that come with the programme. This unique combination of an immersive retreat experience and online learning is crafted to ensure you get the most out of your journey towards becoming a certified breath coach.

Register above today using the link provided below and mark your calendar. Don’t miss this life-changing opportunity!

However, please note that space is limited, as we aim to keep this experience as personal and impactful as possible. Secure your spot today and take the first step towards a transformative journey.

Let’s breathe a new life into your career and personal growth!

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