Be a game-changer in the health and wellness arena and make a profound difference to lives through the breath

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[I really liked] combining the practical with the theory. The walk on day 3 was excellent, and then combining that with the indoor walking and the practice was a good finish to the course. I thought Gray was very knowledgeable and welcoming, very relaxed and made everyone feel comfortable. (November 2023).


Company Director, Fiit

The webinar covers


Benefits of the Oxygen Advantage Certification

Be a game-changer in the health and fitness world, elevate your coaching career, improve personal wellbeing, and transform lives.


Benefits of OA and breath work for clients

Reduce stress and anxiety, improve physical health and fintess, speed recovery, and better quality of sleep.


An overview of the 4-day retreat training in Scotland

Coaching modules including functional breathing, building resilience, and improved performance. Plus daily qigong practice, forest walks, and hot and cold therapy.


An overview of online materials and classes with Patrick McKeown

14 hours of live, interactive online classes led by Patrick McKeown, the creator of the Oxygen Advantage. Unlimited access to an extensive online training library, including research papers and articles that support our work, all with no extra fees.

Your hosts

Gray Caws Founders & Director of Adventures In Movement

Gray Caws

Gray Caws is a Master Oxygen Advantage Coach and an experienced qigong and functional movement teacher.

He believes in thriving through simple, joyful breathwork and movement practices. At The Breath Source, Gray, as a Breath Master, fosters a gentle exploration of breath and movement for physical and mental well-being. He is also a key instructor in the ASICS Movement For Mind programme, improving mental and physical health under Dr. Brendon Stubbs.

Gray’s approach in the fitness and wellness industry emphasises sustainable habits over quick fixes, advocating for accessible, enjoyable health practices. As a teacher trainer, he empowers others to guide clients towards better health, blending his unique skills to promote mindful, effective wellness practices.

Andrew Ritchie, Master Oxygen Advantage Coach

Andrew Ritchie

Andrew is a Master Oxygen Advantage instructor, with a specialised interest in Heart Rate Variability. He’s also the founder of Performance Breathworks and an AIM Run With Ease coach.

He has been working in the outdoor health and wellness industry for 20 years and has helped thousands of children and adults become more resilient and achieve their goals through a variety of activities.

Currently Andrew works with corporates, professional and amateur sport, schools and individuals, as well as organising and leading retreats and adventure holidays.

“I’m passionate about breathwork and the great outdoors. You’ll realise why when you see the amazing environment that I have the opportunity to work in.”

… an enjoyable weekend of education – the small group, personal attention … layering of course content. The whole group interacted and the sessions were on the move.
Paul Collins

Owner, Paul Collins Fitness

Gray is a great and passionate teacher with different fields of expertise. He has a broad vision on breathwork and on its practical uses. [I particularly enjoyed] the group connection and the playfulness.
Sara Bigatti

Movement and Breath Coach