Transformative Oxygen Advantage and Wellness Innovation Retreats & Adventure Holidays

Spain, London, Scotland

Escape the everyday, immerse in nature, and embrace life-changing experiences.

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Andrew Ritchie – Master Oxygen Advantage Coach

Advanced Oxygen Advantage® Instructor Training Retreat: Spain 

Date options:  24-29 Sept

A Teacher Training Certification
from £2995

Share your passion and build a business helping people optimise their health through breath training.

The programme includes a 6-day fully-immersed retreat training in the heart of Catalonia’s stunning countryside with two experienced Master Oxygen Advantage coaches. Plus an extensive online training portal including live classes with internationally-renownded breathing expert Patrick McKeown.

The 2021 Costa Brava group on day one of the adventure

A Costa Brava Qigong & Trails Adventure

Date options:  2-6 Oct
From £1695 pp

“A truly amazing adventure holiday!” – Cat Townsend

Explore the stunning forest and coastal trails of one of Europe’s most beautiful coastlines. Enjoy qigong practice, daily trail runs, and expert coaching in breathing and trail running.

Our May 2022 Oxygen Advantage Instructor Training in Alexandra Palace, London

Oxygen Advantage Instructor Training: London

Date options: 15-17 Nov

Embark on a transformative journey with a three-day workshop in London led by Master Oxygen Advantage Coach Gray Caws. Plus, enrich your learning experience with live online classes directly from the creator of Oxygen Advantage, Patrick McKeown.

Rainforest Vitality Retreat – Scotland

Wellness Innovation: Advanced CPD Programme for Health Leaders

Date options:  28 Nov – 1 Dec


Transforming Health Leadership: Welcome to Wellness Innovation – your gateway to advanced CPD designed specifically for health leaders. We bridge the gap between vague wellness advice and actionable, real-life practices. From exercise to mindfulness and breath-work, we contextualise these concepts into simple, effective routines that foster intrinsic motivation and deliver tangible benefits for you and your patients. Elevate your practice, inspire change, and lead the way to a healthier future.

Andrew Ritchie – Master Oxygen Advantage Coach

Advanced Oxygen Advantage® Instructor Training Retreat: Scotland

Date options:  13-16 Mar 2025

A Teacher Training Certification

Share your passion and build a business helping people optimise their health through breath training.

The programme includes a 4-day fully-immersed retreat style training on the shores of Scotland’s Loch Long with two experienced Master Oxygen Advantage coaches. Plus an extensive online training portal including live classes with internationally-renownded breathing expert Patrick McKeown.

What Our Clients Say

The coaches and the group make for a wonderful experience whether you are on the trail, during qigong session or enjoying breakfast, there is great synergy with this group.

Pedro Sanjurjo

Co Founder, Scarab Brewing

Gray is a great and passionate teacher with different fields of expertise. He has a broad vision on breathwork and on its practical uses.
Sara Bigatti

Movement and Breath Coach

Every now and then go away, have a little relaxation, for when you come back to your work your judgment will be surer. Go some distance away because then the work appears smaller and more of it can be taken in at a glance and a lack of harmony and proportion is more readily seen.

Leonardo da Vinci

Welcome to AIM Retreats

Welcome to AIM Retreats, where transformative wellness experiences await. Immerse yourself in rejuvenation amidst breathtaking natural surroundings, rekindling your mind, body and spirit, while gaining clarity and inspiration.

Our holistic approach to well-being offers a diverse range of activities, including breathwork, qigong, running, walking, and hiking.

Led by expert facilitators, our tailored programmes foster self-awareness, personal growth, and emotional well-being. 

Experience the thrill of trail running along Costa Brava’s captivating coastline or discover biohacking and vitality enhancement in Scotland’s serene temperate rainforests.

And uniquely, AIM Retreats also offers teacher training in the renowned Oxygen Advantage method, empowering you to become a certified instructor in this groundbreaking breathing technique.

Whether seeking relaxation, self-discovery, or a fresh perspective, our nurturing space invites you to detach, unwind, and embark on a transformative journey towards balance, vitality, and fulfillment.

Gray Caws Founders & Director of Adventures In Movement

Gray Caws – Retreat Director and Coach

Get away from the everyday. Join me Gray Caws working alongside some of best coaches in the world for a unique, transformative retreat.

It’s time for self-care, de-stressing, personal challenge, but most of all just having so good plain fun!

At the heart of all our retreats are quality OA® breathwork, Qigong practice, movement, and nature. Whether you are running the forest and coastal trails of the Costa Brava, or exploring the temparate rainforests of the west of Scotland and northern Portugal. we guarantee you a small-group of like minded folk to share the experience with.

Who are our retreats for?

  • Anyone looking to take time out for personal and/or professional development
  • Companies that want to bring team members together to motivate, and learn new lifeskills
  • Medical doctors, therapists and other health professionals who are looking to gain a deeper understanding in breathwork and functional movement

Elevate Your Vitality

Experience the transformative power of breathwork and qigong.


Harness Your Inner Power

Optimise your health with HRV biofeedback techniques.


Connect with Nature

Rejuvenate amidst serene natural surroundings.


Flow with Mindful Movement

Embrace mindful movement practices for balance and harmony.

Breathe Light practice
AIM Retreats

We believe one of the best ways to empower, nurture and nourish your mind, body and soul is to take time out from the everyday hustle and bustle and escape to nature.

All our retreats have the common themes of experiential learning, rejuvenation and nourishment. We’ll create a safe space for mental, physical and spiritual development, allowing you time to slow down, reflect, and have fun.

At the heart of every retreat are movement practice, breathwork, and nature – whether you’re running the stunning coastal trails of the Costa Brava, hiking in the Scottish mountains, or learning a new skill on one of our teacher training retreats.

Your Coaches

Gray Caws Founders & Director of Adventures In Movement

Gray Caws

Leading AIM Retreats

Gray believes that mental and physical health is optimised by efficient breathing, a focused mind, and body awareness.

He is a UK specialist personal trainer, running coach, and breath coach with a master certification in the Oxygen Advantage® and Buteyko methods.

Gray trained with internationally-renowned coaches Patrick McKeown (breath), Lee Holden (meditation, tai chi, and qigong), and Danny Dreyer (ChiRunning).

Gray has the privilege of guiding the breathwork sessions on the ASICS Movement For Mind programme led by prominent mental health researcher, Dr Brendon Stubbs.

The programme launched in 2021 documented the mental wellbeing of a group of nearly 200 volunteers with remarkable results showing that 70% of participants were more active after completing the programme.

Gray is the founder and director of Adventures In Movement.

Andrew Ritchie, Master Oxygen Advantage Coach

Andrew Ritchie

Coaching on our Scotland Retreat and some Oxygen Advantage Trainings

Andrew is a Master Oxygen Advantage instructor, with a specialised interest in heart rate variability. He’s also the founder of  Performance Breathworks.

Andrew has worked in the outdoor health and wellness industry for 20 years and helped 1000s of children and adults become more resilient and achieve their goals through a variety of activities.

Currently he works with, corporates, professional and amateur sport, schools, and individuals as well as organising and leading retreats and adventure holidays.

Elaine Jackson Running Coach

Elaine Jackson

Running Coach Costa Brava

With a background in dance teaching, Elaine started running to enhance her fitness but very quickly realised it was more than that.

She found a sense of freedom and space, which was always welcome at the end of a day in school! Over the years She’s taken part in various events from 5k to the London marathon in 2016, and subsequently qualified as a running coach in 2017.

Elaine’s passion lies in helping others to progress, to achieve their own goals but more importantly, enjoy the journey along the way.

She first joined Gray on the Costa Brava Adventure in 2018 and is still telling everyone about it now!

Our Associates

Linda & Larry Cammarata of Mindfulness Travels

Linda & Larry Cammarata
Mindfulness Travels

Linda Cammarata, RYT, RN (retired) is a Registered Yoga Teacher and retired Registered Nurse who specializes in applying mind-body practices of self-regulation to stress, mood, and sleep health. She is the Founder and Director of Mindfulness Travels and Natural Sleep Recovery. Linda has designed and presented wellness programs at world renowned spas in the US and internationally. She integrates mindfulness, gentle yoga, qigong, and contemporary science into her teachings. Her professional experience spans over 30 years in tradtional and complementary healthcare and wellness settings.

Larry Cammarata, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist who specializes in mindfulness-based therapy and education, including the science and practice of mindful movement. He is the Director of Education of Mindfulness Travels. Larry is also an instructor of Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong who has received advanced training in China and in the US. He was designated as an “Author-Expert” by IDEA for his writing, teaching, and service in the field of mind-body health, fitness, and wellness. His mindful movement work was presented at the 11th Annual International Scientific Conference of the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts School of Medicine.

Pablo & Cristina of Run The World Adventures

Pablo & Cristina Rodriguez
Run The World Adventures

Pablo and Cristina are the founders and managers of Run The World Adventures.

They live in Girona with their four young boys.

After working for some years in their formal jobs, Pablo as a IT specialist and Cristina in a travel agency, they finally decided to quit and make their passion their way of living.

Since Pablo Pablo was an ex professional triathlete and Cristina always dedicated to the tourist world, they set up their running holiday experience in the Costa Brava in 2012.

Cristina deals with the organisation of the whole experience whilst Pablo designs the routes, is lead trail guide, and teaching trail running best practice.