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Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor Training

18-20 November

Be a Game-Changer in the Health & Fitness Industry

Join a 3-day workshop in London 
PLUS live online classes with the creator of the Oxygen Advantage, Patrick McKeown

Adventures In Movement, 15 Myddelton Road, London N8 7PY

Tel: +44 (0)20 8080 1676

Oxygen Advantage by Patrick McKeown

Be A Game Changer In Wellness

Give your clients the edge by training to be an Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor.

Join a 3-day London workshop 
PLUS live online classes with the creator of the Oxygen Advantage, Patrick McKeown

Science shows that breathing is the foundation for optimal health, fitness and performance, yet the medical, health and fitness industries often overlook this fact.

As a certified coach you'll have the knowledge and skill set to achieve powerful transformations for your clients by putting breathwork at the heart of health, fitness and wellbeing.


3-Day London Workshop

Delivered by Master Instructor Gray Caws, you'll enjoy the perfect learning experience, taking a deep dive into the science and therapeutic benefits of breathwork.


Live Online Training

14 hours of live, interactive online classes with the creator of the Oxygen Advantage, Patrick McKeown. All classes are recorded and available online for lifetime access.


Over 100 Hours of Study Materials

Online prerecorded video tutorials, Instructor Training Manual and specialist Zoom workshops with worldwide Master Instructors on a range of topics.


Certification To Teach

After successful completion you'll get certification to teach the Oxygen Advantage principles, protocols and exercises. This certification is for life with no need for renewal of training. You can also attend recurring online training at no extra cost.


Follow-Up Mentoring

Live online group follow-up sessions with Gray.

PLUS Special Bonuses:


HRV Module (Value £295)

Unlimited access to a globally-unique module delivered by Master Instructor Andrew Ritchie. Get a practical understanding of Heart Rate Variability. Learn how to monitor and measure HRV and get exercises to help regulate the nervous system.


Run With Ease (Value £295)

The Run With Ease Course offers a foundational framework and skill set to develop good habits that have an effect on mood, motivation, energy levels, and our ability to enjoy running (and walking) no matter what age or fitness level.

… an enjoyable weekend of education – the small group, personal attention … layering of course content. The whole group interacted and the sessions were on the move.

Paul Collins

Owner, Paul Collins Fitness

Gray is a great and passionate teacher with different fields of expertise. He has a broad vision on breathwork and on its practical uses. [I particularly enjoyed] the group connection and the playfulness.

Sara Bigatti

Movement & Breath Coach

Your Coaches

Gray Caws Master Oxygen Advantage Coach

Gray Caws

Gray is a Master Oxygen Advantage coach having worked with Patrick McKeown on the very first Masterclass and subsequent Instructor Training in 2016.

He was first introduced to the importance of breathing in sport by England Athletics coach and Cardio Physiotherapist Robin McNelis who taught the importance of nasal breathing and breath rate in running.

Gray has a relaxed, friendly teaching style that works for everyone, whatever level of fitness or experience.

Alongside his Oxygen Advantage certification he is also a Buteyko Practitioner, running coach, UK Level 4 Personal Trainer and teacher of Qigong.

“I love nothing better than to get outdoors and explore. If I need a motivational boost then to be out running, walking, and playing is where I’m at my best.

I believe the best way to optimise your health and fitness is to practise something that you enjoy, keep it simple, focus on the breath, challenge yourself but don’t overdo it!

Training through play allows you to tap into your natural, intuitive flow of breath, energy, and movement.”

Patrick McKeown

Patrick McKeown BA, MA, is considered to be one of the foremost teachers of functional breathing. He has authored eight books, is published in 14 languages and has taught breathing for mind, body and sports since 2002.

He has worked with more than 7,000 clients from children to the elderly, from the most unwell to elite athletes.

He has channelled a wealth of experience, expertise and passion into the delivery of this simple, easy to follow training, in order to share his approach with others, so that many more people can enjoy better health, performance and quality of life.

Patrick McKeown internationally renowned breath coach


Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor Training

Thank you ever so much for the wonderful masterclass. It was so well delivered, very informative and relevant covering so much ground with practical advice and approach to the exercises.

I benefitted immensely from meeting the other trainees as well and it was great to learn from their interactions and the questions you addressed with examples.

It was a very productive day delivered so well in a relaxed open manner. It was appreciated by me and the other attendees that we were able to take on board everything that was being taught, I really really appreciated your coaching style.


Project Manager

Give your clients the Oxygen Advantage

Oxygen Advantage

Improved Physical & Mental Health

Understand the science and learn practical breathing exercises to balance mind and body, improving overall mental and physical health

Oxygen Advantage

Clearer Focus, Better Concentration, Restful Sleep

Deliver oxygen optimally to every cell in the body to help improve focus and concentration, and sleep better

Oxygen Advantage

Improved Sports Performance & Better Recovery

Improve aerobic capacity and VO2 max through breath-hold exercises to simulate high-intensity and altitude training

Gray was helpful in listening to me, giving me feedback, and helping me to further find the voice for my brand. He also gave me good next steps to take. I also feel he is someone I can reach out to as I progress along the way, for which I am very grateful.

Robyn Reid