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Bespoke personal training with an qualified coach to help you realise your potential and reach your goals. 1:1 and small group training in functional movement, weight management, strength training, ChiRunning, Pilates and breathwork.

Our studio

Based in the heart of Hornsey, north London. Close to the centre of London by public transport. You will work with your highly-skilled and experienced personal trainer and enjoy exclusive use of our boutique-style studio. Equipment includes kettlebells, cable machine and plyometric boxes. And you are just a stones-throw away from the vast Alexandra Park, home of Alexandra Palace giving you plenty of space for outdoor training. 

Meet the team

Luke Rose

REPS level 4 professional with Exercise Referral and Lower Back Care qualifications.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve worked with a wide spectrum of clients, with a variety of problems to overcome, and goals to achieve. I’ve become familiar with almost all the equipment and gadgets within the world of fitness and exercise. It has been a pleasure not only to assist people in taking a journey to better health and physiology but to share with them my excitement and satisfaction that comes with learning physical control and movement. 

You only get one body, use it, play with it, and enjoy it.

I have a keen interest in biomechanics and the way forces load and react on the body. The three-dimensional spider’s web of bones, muscles, and fascia are the keys to comprehending and improving movement and strength. I encourage my clients to understand their own bodies, through self-awareness, and a tactile sense of response to the difference between altering the body to accomplish different activities.

Whether you are simply looking to lose weight or symptoms of pain, or training to play sports or trek in the Himalayas, learning how to move with greater control of your strength and fitness are critical tools.

Loliya Harrison

Specialist areas: Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer, BANT registered Nutritional Therapist, Massage Therapist, Oxygen Advantage Instructor

“I have a long-standing interest in health and fitness. My journey started in my teenage years when I ran for my county. I also developed a keen interest in how the body works and how nutrition supports health. I took a degree in Physiology and Nutrition and later became a Nutritional Therapist.  As I have developed and matured so has my approach to exercise. I am a Soft Tissue and Sports Massage Therapist, a Personal Trainer and Pilates teacher. Emphasis on technique, optimum nutrition, active recovery and adequate rest has helped me to feel healthier, stronger and more energetic. I can help you become a more effective and confident exerciser with an all-around approach to help the body move better.”

Gray Caws

Director of Adventures In Movement, Level 4 specialist Personal Trainer, Master ChiRunning Coach, Buteyko Practitioner, Oxygen Advantage Instructor, Master Kettlebell Coach

“I discovered a passion for health and fitness in 2004. After struggling with niggles and injuries when running, I attended a workshop with ChiRunning founder Danny Dreyer in 2010. This encouraged me to qualify as a Certified Instructor. I also went on to qualify as a Specialist Personal Trainer and Master Kettlebell Coach.

In 2014 I was appointed Master Instructor and Director of ChiRunning UK & Ireland, responsible for the management of ChiRunning across this region. Looking to develop my skill-set further, in 2016 I trained as an Oxygen Advantage Instructor and 2018 as a Buteyko Practitioner with Patrick McKeown.

I became the first UK Oxygen Advantage Certified Instructor, teaching a programme of breathing exercises that help address every-day breathing pattern disorders alongside improving sports performance.

I work with clients on a 1-2-1 basis and also hold regular workshops in London, across the UK and Europe. I also organise and teach new instructors in the ChiRunning and Oxygen Advantage methods.

My current personal practice includes kettlebells and body-weight strength training to complement a marathon-maintenance running programme.

I enjoy running marathons and half marathons with my first venture into ultras at the Royal Parks Ultra Marathon back in 2014.

I am director of Adventures In Movement, a health and lifestyle company dedicated to improving people’s wellbeing through simple practices and common sense programmes.

1:1 training

Small changes. Big difference

Monthly contracts

1:1 exclusive personal training with a fully-qualified coach. Monthly contracts. 


1:1 exclusive personal training with a fully-qualified coach. Packs of sessions.

Small-group training

Packs of sessions for small groups (max 4).

Ultimate Training

Most cost-effective pricing.

Small Group Pilates Class

Mondays 8-9pm

Nutrition & Assessments

Work with our BANT registered nutritional therapists.

“You turned every exercise into a learning experience that was fun to do. You’re an excellent coach: relaxed, patient, blending sharp observation with empathy.”

Our programmes are designed for all levels of fitness. Our highly-skilled coaches will work with you to identify your needs and help realise your goals. Our small-group training and classes are just that – small (max 4 people) to ensure plenty of individual attention.

Programmes For All Fitness Levels

Small changes. Big difference

Real People. Real Results

"Thanks again for your very useful tips, your great insights, and your enthusiasm yesterday. I think I was lucky to have you as an instructor. You turned every exercise into a learning experience that was fun to do. You're an excellent coach: relaxed, patient, blending sharp observation with empathy."

Theo Tamis

"If you are looking for an open mind, want full attention, crisp explanations, sharp observation, and friendliness go no further!"

Thierry Lerinckx

"Gray changed my life within the first 10 seconds of seeing me run! I have been a serious runner since childhood but had all kinds of injuries. Then in my mid 30s I started getting calf tears more and more regularly. I tried everything to no avail. Someone put me onto the ChiRunning book, which helped somewhat but not completely. Then I discovered Gray. Within 10 seconds of him watching me run he spotted things that no book could. He transformed my running immediately, and each week improves it further. I can now run as far as I like in complete confidence that I won’t get injured. Thank you Gray!"

Richard Thomas


Small changes. Big difference

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