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Personal Training

Bespoke 1-2-1 and small group personal training session with fully-qualified, experienced coaches. Functional movement, endurance, strength and power training.


Improve posture and core strength. 1-2-1, small-group and small class (max 4 people) mat Pilates.


Oxygen Advantage and Buteyko methods – Improve functional breathing overall physical and mental health. Simulate high-altitude and high-intensity training without putting excess stress and strain on the body.


Improve running efficincy, reduce the risk of injury and bring a sense of joy back into training. 

Programmes For All Fitness Levels

Our programmes are designed for all levels of fitness. Our highly-skilled coaches will work with your to identify your needs and help realise your goals. Our small-group training and classes are just that – small (max 4 people) to ensure plenty of individual attention.

Personal Training


4 sessions per month

8 sessions per month

12 sessions per month

16 sessions per month


Pack of 4 sessions

Pack of 8 sessions

Pack of 12 sessions

Pack of 24 sessions


Pack of 4 sessions

Pack of 8 sessions


This time last year I was unable to run any more than 2 miles without knee pain. I attended a ChiRunning workshop that completely re-ignited my love for running. As a resulted I completed the London Marathon this year. This has been a dream of mine since the very first one. Whenever I hear from people struggling with various niggles from running I always recommend they check out Adventures In Movement. Thank you. Gary Campbell

“Thanks again for your very useful tips, great insights and enthusiasm yesterday. I think I was lucky to have you as an instructor. You turned every exercise into a learning experience that was fun to do. You’re an excellent coach: relaxed, patient, blending sharp observation with empathy.” Theo Tamis

“Gray changed my life within the first 10 seconds of seeing me run! I have been a serious runner since childhood but had all kinds of injuries. Then in my mid 30s I started getting calf tears more and more regularly. I tried everything to no avail. Someone put me onto the Chi Running book, which helped somewhat but not completely. Then I discovered Gray. Within 10 seconds of him watching me run he spotted things that no book could. He transformed my running immediately, and each week improves it further. I can now run as far as I like in complete confidence that I won’t get injured. Thank you Gray!” Richard Thomas.


Small changes. Big difference

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Training hours

Monday-Friday: 7am – 9pm
Saturday: 7am – 5pm
Sunday: 8am – 2pm


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