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Adventures In Movement

121s, weekly live classes, and 3-week courses.

Improve your health, fitness, and well-being through a principle-centered approach to exercise and training.

Join an online class, a 3-week course, or book some 121 coaching sessions delivered by Zoom.

Our Breathe. Balance. Move programme offers free twice-weekly classes working on functional movement and breathwork. These are streamed live and free on Facebook and YouTube or sign up for Premium Membership to get Zoom access, free workshops, online training up, and additional training materials.

Join our 3-week course Run With Ease, to improve your running technique, or Optimise Your Breathing to improve breathing for exercise and every-day life.

Book a pack of 4 x 121 online coaching sessions delivered by our head coach Gray Caws.

Gray Caws

Gray Caws

Head Coach

Gray Caws specialises in posture, breathwork, functional movement, and mindset. He is a master Run With Ease and Oxygen Advantage Coach, and a specialist Personal Trainer.

Online Classes

Breathe. Balance. Move.

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning 8-8:30 am London Time

Tuesday breathwork and Thursday functional movement. Live online classes with Gray Caws. Free to join on Facebook and YouTube or get Premium Membership for exclusive access to Zoom class, Training Hub, free workshops, and additional training materails.

Online 121 coaching

121 Personal Training

Get 4 online personal training sessions with Gray Caws. Gray specialises in posture, breathwork, functional movement, and running technique.

Mindful Movement

Run With Ease

 Join a 3-week live online programme to improve your running efficiency, reduce the risk of injury, and discover a. ore enjoyable way to run.