With Panagiotis Kottas

Gray is working with Panagiotis on our up-coming luxury retreat on Naxos, Greece in September.


Panagiotis and his company ketOntrack are our associates when it comes to nutrition, intermittent fasting and the keto approach to a healthy, holistic lifestyle.

Panagiotis Kottas

Panagiotis Kottas

So here are a few things about me and ketOntrack.

I got introduced in the world of intermittent fasting and ketogenic diet around 10 years ago, after some years of not really taking care of myself. I started noticing changes in myself. I had put on kilos on even though my diet had not changed much. I was finding I had more energy crashes, less and less energy and it was increasingly difficult to keep focused.

Through my own journey I have come to realise how important our daily habits are for our health. But also how important our health is for productivity, work-life balance and achieving everything we aspire for. 

I am now honoured to be in NY Journal list of the top-30 lifestyle coaches. This came about as I strongly believe in personal engagement with all my clients throughout their life transforming journey to gain the experience, knowledge and beliefs needed. I believe having more energy and feeling better are key for going after your goals. 

Self-fulfillment comes from sharing, contributing and caring about others and this is what I want to achieve with ketOntrack. Share my knowledge, help others and contribute to your journey in becoming the best version of you.


Space & Tranquility

16-19 September

The Hidden Hill Naxos Experience

Your retreat is hosted by Panagiotis Kottas, nutritional coach and founder of ketOntrack alongside Gray Caws. Gray is a certified Qigong coach who uses breathwork to improve health and fitness through focusing strength and relaxation in movement.

You’ll practice breathwork, intermittent fasting, the keto diet, enjoy the local cuisine, day excursions, and learn techniques on how to improve mind body connection and general wellbeing.

Our chosen resort is located in Naxos Island in Greece, the biggest of the Cycladic islands and very near to Santorini, Mykonos and Paros.  Naxos is famous for amazing food and unspoiled sandy beaches!

Hidden Hill is an estate with two separate villas and a swimming pool. Is a carefully designed and wholeheartedly built summer resort with two secluded villas on a hill top with view of the sea. Modern architecture, simplicity and nature set up an authentic easy living getaway. 


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