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personal training

Bespoke 1-2-1 and small group personal training session with fully-qualified, experienced coaches. Functional movement, weight management, endurance, strength and power training.

Programmes For All Fitness Levels

Our programmes are designed for all levels of fitness. Our highly-skilled coaches will work with your to identify your needs and help realise your goals. Our small-group training and classes are just that – small (max 4 people) to ensure plenty of individual attention.

Our studio

Based in the heart of Hornsey, north London. Close to the centre of London by public transport. You will work with your highly-skilled and experienced personal trainer and enjoy exclusive use of our boutique-style studio. Equipment includes kettlebells, cable machine and plyometric boxes. And you are just a stones-throw away from the vast Alexandra Park, home of Alexandra Palace giving you plenty of space for outdoor training.

Featured Programmes

Adventures In Movement offers specials programmes in Pilates, ChiRunning and ChiWalking, and Oxygen Advantage and Buteyko breathwork.

Costa Brava Trail Adventure

Discover the stunning forest and coastal trails of the Costa Brava on this 3-day ChiRunning & hiking adventure.


Improve running efficincy, reduce the risk of injury and bring a sense of joy back into training. ChiRunning and ChiWalking takes a mindful approach to training focusing on practice and process to achieve realistic goals.


Oxygen Advantage and Buteyko methods – Improve functional breathing overall physical and mental health. Simulate high-altitude and high-intensity training without putting excess stress and strain on the body.


"Thanks again for your very useful tips, your great insights, and your enthusiasm yesterday. I think I was lucky to have you as an instructor. You turned every exercise into a learning experience that was fun to do. You're an excellent coach: relaxed, patient, blending sharp observation with empathy."

Theo Tamis

"If you are looking for an open mind, want full attention, crisp explanations, sharp observation, and friendliness go no further!"

Thierry Lerinckx

"Gray changed my life within the first 10 seconds of seeing me run! I have been a serious runner since childhood but had all kinds of injuries. Then in my mid 30s I started getting calf tears more and more regularly. I tried everything to no avail. Someone put me onto the ChiRunning book, which helped somewhat but not completely. Then I discovered Gray. Within 10 seconds of him watching me run he spotted things that no book could. He transformed my running immediately, and each week improves it further. I can now run as far as I like in complete confidence that I won’t get injured. Thank you Gray!"

Richard Thomas


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adventures in movement

15 Myddelton Road
London N8 7PY
+44 (0)20 3657 9097